Vote With Your Dollar: Dark Souls PC

I am absolutely thrilled to be playing Dark Souls on PC. For what it is, it’s amazing that I’m doing that, and that it runs so well.

But obviously there are issues with the visuals and PC settings. However, those have been mostly fixed by the community. And wow, what a fix it is.

I’ve been using this fix myself, and while I haven’t played enough to know that it won’t introduce issues, I’m fairly confident the’ll be solved at this rate. But while I appreciate the original author’s work in creating this fix, I would hope that rather than just donating money to him, people would take this time to tell From Software exactly how much we want official support for this kind of thing.

So this is what I am proposing for myself, and I hope other people follow.

If From Software provides an official graphics patch for Dark Souls PC, I will buy and gift a second copy of the game to someone who might not have purchased it otherwise, in the interest of telling From Software with my wallet how much I want support for this kind of thing on PC.


Maybe those of us who love PC gaming can make the combined effort to show From Software how much we would appreciate proper support for these kind of things, in such a fashion that they will sit up and listen.

I’m not about to start an online petition for this, but I do hope word gets around enough that From Software will take note.

7 thoughts on “Vote With Your Dollar: Dark Souls PC

  1. TheCore

    Don’t support the guy who spend his own time to provide the community with a fix for the shoddy and half arsed job the From Software did? Seriously screw you! This guy deserves support and some remuneration for his exceptional work. Where they hell do you get off? FS did the bare minimum and deserve no credit for the fix that currently exists, your insistence on supporting FS despite being shown for the lazy hacks they are is appalling.

    I don’t care how good the game is, if you don’t do your very best to provide the customer with the best possible product you don’t deserve any support at all. FS didn’t even try to provide a best possible product they could, they provided one that required the least amount of effort in their end.

    The fact that people are giving it credit for merely being playable makes the point about how crap it really is.

  2. Charles Post author

    By the guy’s own admission it took him very little work to get this done. It’s cool if you want to give him money, but that doesn’t send any message to From Software.

    If you feel so strongly about how From Software made the port, I assume you didn’t buy it, right?

  3. TheCore

    Correct. I have not bought and have no intention of ever buying it. There are too many quality games out there for me to waste my time and money with a substandard POS like this (note I am not talking about the actual game, just the quality of the PC release).

    Also if you read his enire post you would see he’s been working on this for a few weeks and still is updating/refining his mod. I take exception at you saying people should not support his efforts by donating a small amount (and you admit you are using it yourself). People can support him AND express their desire for an actual patch.

    My instant purchase to will never purchase attitude change is my message to FS, along with an email expressing my disappointment.

  4. TheCore

    The fact that this is a port is not a valid excuse for the quality of the release. Every title released on a platform should be held to the same standard regarding its quality, usability, functionality, and compatibility.

  5. Charles Post author

    You are correct that someone can donate to the guy AND still express their desire for a proper patch.

    Wording changed in the post to reflect this.

  6. TheCore

    Thanks, that reads so much better. Its a shame PC gamers need to rely on guys like him, but I am glad they are around and that the platform allows for it.

  7. Fresh-NES

    Just wanted to say something. PC gaming having official/unofficial modding and hacking of games has long been a fantastic and creativity-driven community. You want innovation? Look no further! The fact that 99.999999% of these mods are NOT sold and aren’t even able to be sold just goes to show the sheer fantastic work that these fans can make; work that rivals even some of the so-called ‘professional’ work by major developers!

    When a fan can make an entire Skyrim expansion completely for free in their spare time AND humbly request that Bethesda offer to consider him for being hired as a worldbuilder, what would any sane company do? Hire him or at least RESPOND to him?

    Well if you’re Bethesda, you just ignore the poor guy. Years of work down the drain for the guy that only wanted to work for Bethesda, makes me feel for em. 🙁

    ‘From Software’ can go DIAFF. Lazy, worthless, selfish, entitled, arrogant, dickish fucking Japanese developers. I’m not surprised. Not one bit. We’ve had to put up with this crap since the days of the Famicom and into the Super Famicom. Tons of fantastic games that aren’t localized. Tons of localizations that have to be forcefully done in ridiculously short timeframes; Chrono Trigger had to be localized in less than 30 days!
    Those worthless fucking Japanese developers didn’t give a damn about non-Asian markets and wanted it to fail. Their greed and arrogance blinded them to the possibility that their stupidity might have caused the desecration of one of the greatest ’16-bit gems’ of all time!

    So yeah…just saying. I’m very hostile towards Asian game developers UNTIL they can prove to me that they don’t share the same sentiments as their peers. When they start making some good games (or keep their shit in their own countries) then we can move forward. The US and EU need to step up and fill in the void. We can’t have all our gaming dependent on Japan or Korea or whatever. Fuck em. The world is a fantastic and open place, so let’s give some love to local developers once they stop humping the FPS genre incessantly.

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